Station One Leisure Cafe

Coffee Shop, Café, Bar
3023 Jln. Maju (Tmn. Maju Jaya)
Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang 14000
+60 4-530 1319


  • the chicken NO fresh!!!
  • Bad service. The waiters are like dunno wat they should do.and the food took forever to reach.bad
  • Trying yes tea noW!!!
  • Remember to ask them for the 5 cent change which they always take for granted that you dont want...
  • Bad habit the food & drink.
  • Sorry, I mean service is getting from bad to worst. Too frustrated and wrote the wrong thing.
  • The service is getting bad from worst. The waiters or waitresses always pretend not to see you waving at them... Sigh..
  • Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. Food sucks like totally unacceptable and so the service! Full of foreign worker here, and I have to try hard to go and understand what are they trying to say wtf?
  • Nice...the area hard to find but inside looks nice...
  • slow service and bad service.....
  • 3 glass yestea at once
  • Chicken chop ! Nice =D
  • One of d waiters' service is somewhat rude. Threw the coasters on the table before placing the drink on.
  • Worst service !!!
  • White Shih Tzu (female) missing at Taman Tenang on Apr 22,2011. Please call 016-4562738 if you found her thanks!! Please help T.T
  • Chocolate cake taste bad...
  • The waiter accidentally splilled chocolate drink onto table and all of us. He just laughed and wiped it. The manager just kept on drinking his juice at the back and did nothing. What a fucked up place
  • Service super worst.Sit here more then 1hour no body come a get order!!!!!
  • Yes tea ... Yummy ;>
  • Service standard is under expectation.

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