Coffee Shop
#01-19/20, Wilkie Edge (8 Wilkie Rd)
Singapore, 228095
+65 6334 2579


  • Caffeine break... my latte w 3 pumps rasp 2 pumps vanilla & shot of espresso & my lemon blueberry scone!!!
  • To all customers, please don't stay long specially during peak hours, find a better place to study for students, peak hours between 7am to 11am
  • Very friendly staff here
  • Packed with students studying on Saturday afternoon. Can be difficult finding a seat.
  • Sparkling matcha lemonade is good.
  • This Starbucks have a tables with nice lamps
  • try local options and snacks
  • Replace all milk with soy, saves energy, trust me!
  • Good seats
  • Friendly baristas and ample seating with the new extension.
  • Great location but forever infested with muggers.
  • nice spot !! you must come if you visit Singapore ^-^
  • Ice Shaken Lemon Tea (Zen) Top Notch!
  • Fill in starbucks online survey & get a free tall beverage of ur choice! (not sure if this applies to reward card holders) but yaye, got my compli rasp currant frappe! Everyday I'm starbuckin'!
  • China Batista here damn sotong. I'm v particular w my coffee. Ordered iced ristretto w 2 pumps vanilla 3 pumps raspberry & dash of Irish cream, venti. But I got a regular decaf 3V & 2R in grande.ugh
  • Best of luck finding a table or a power outlet in the evening!
  • Great staff, small and generally crowded, have always managed to find a seat either indoor or outdoor... Even Sunday afternoon I got a sofa and a table... And a power outlet after a bit of negotiating
  • Sam is one of the friendliest Starbucks store managers in Singapore!
  • Only problem students mugging which i hate!
  • Staffs are so "Bon Qui Qui " WTF

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