Coffee Shop
$ $
H/K Apex Food Court, Terminal 3 (ORD Airport)
Chicago, IL 60666
(773) 686-6180


  • The silliest little kids work here.
  • There are two separate counters to order from, one on each side. For some reason people tend to all line up at only one. Check the other counter and usually you'll save yourself some time.
  • "we dont touch the bagels!"
  • Very expensive and they often run out of popular drinks quite early in the morning.
  • Go to the location near K/H hallway, it has better coffee than the one near gate K16.
  • Line up on both sides of the kiosk. Many just line up closest to the airport entrance and don't realize there is a shorter line on the other side. Hidden gem!
  • Skip the refreshers here, the one I had was full of artificial syrup and the strawberries were rotten.
  • Workers have no organizational skills and very mean. They forgot to make my latte, they made it 15 minutes after when I ask and didn't even say sorry.
  • The service are great!
  • There are two sides here, make sure to double check the queue
  • Grab one of these
  • Worst Starbucks ever. At terminal 3 gate K4 of AA. If you want a coffee here, make sure u have min. 30mins available to wait I love Starbucks but is unbelievable their slowness at this airport.
  • Bring your cash and napkins as 'the machine is not taking anything other than cash' + a leaky drink was unsavory!
  • Starbucks cards "not working", bring other payment!
  • Worst service ever!!!!
  • Ask them to make you a "Windy City Whipped Monkey.". It is an off menu specialty.
  • Important to have mayorship at ord
  • Not really a Starbucks - operated by HMS Host. They rip you off and don't honor basic pricing as at real Starbucks locations. (Seriously, you're gonna charge me $.65 for each extra PUMP of syrup?)
  • Don't get the strawberry smoothie. It's gross.
  • Great service

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