Coffee Shop
2521 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 621-7685



  • They have new hours! Drive through is still 24 hours but inside closes at 2AM Sun-Thurs and only 24 hours on Fri and Sat. Sucks, but dang the renovation looks nice.
  • I swear some people live here, saw a dude sleeping
  • Drive thru is super fast!!!
  • I love the social atmosphere this location offers. I get my work done and socialize a little.
  • Bring a sweater it's freezing !
  • If you want a quick pick me up w/o the sugar and calories, get 2 shots of espresso (doppio) on ice with 3 splashes of nonfat milk!! Yum :)
  • The "cool" starbucks in all Houston but ALWAYS packed. Hard to find seating!
  • Don't go to this starbucks if you need a nice quiet place to read, study, etc. I call it the "Club Starbucks" because its always packed including late nights..
  • Green tea frabtshino new addition
  • AKA Club Starbucks...the best Starbucks in Houston but the internet is really slow here. Only 24 hour Starbucks in Houston but now only open 24 on the w/e's..weekdays they close at 2AM.
  • Pumpkin Latte - Beware, this is a gangsta hangout in the evenings after 8pm :(
  • The staff is on slow motion here, be prepared to wait.
  • Befriend the biker gang and you'll be set for life.
  • Best Starbucks in Houston. However, service is pretty slow. You'll be stuck in a huge line waiting, since is always packed with people pretending to be studying.
  • Slowest. Starbucks. Ever.
  • Best Starbucks in Houston,I just don't like the snide looks from "some" white folks when I walked in as if I shouldn't be in here. #eracism
  • The worst service! The workers just talk to each other and ignore their customers! I guess they have no manager in this place or he sucks too!
  • goto this starbucks to see pretend studying and lots of cool people everywhere; and AT&T wifi!
  • Still don't like the remodel, but its the only place I know open late enough for a marathon study session after work.
  • Possibly the slowest drive thru on the planet!

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