Coffee Shop
16-18 Austin St (at Walnut St)
Newtonville, MA 24601
(617) 965-5997
5:00am - 9:00pm
5:00am - 9:00pm
5:00am - 9:00pm
5:00am - 9:00pm
5:00am - 9:00pm
5:30am - 9:00pm
5:30am - 9:00pm


  • Service here is horrible. They never get the drinks right and they are often rude. Only come here when I must.
  • Morning time is best time to be here. Seasoned crew that really knows what they're doing!
  • A great Starbucks with friendly staff. Beware of the 8am rush! Parking lot is right across the street, but is metered only. They do a pretty good job of moving through the morning crowd with smiles :)
  • Gets busy after school w/ high school just up the block
  • Friendly, great looking staff, and excellent service!
  • This Starbucks is inconsistent. They often confuse coffee frappuccinos with caramel frappuccinos. #jussayin
  • What else coffee
  • Service here is hit or miss. Not very big so line can get a little long
  • When I ask for a double cup or extra white mocha Elena always gives it to me with an unfriendly attitude. She glares at me. WILL NOT COME BACK with this kind of customer service. Very unprofessional!
  • Red eye w new bigger sausage egg and cheese
  • At times the service can be terrible from certain employees. Has improved a bit with new employees in the past year or two.
  • Often crowded at times you wouldn't expect
  • Asked manager in for advice how to park here. She handed me 4 quarters, "wouldn't want you to get a ticket!"
  • Don't forget to feed meter. Free till 8am tho.
  • Download the app and customize your own drink!
  • Has to be one of the worst Starbucks in the area.The service can be horrible at certain times . Been there under a previous manager and what difference compared to now
  • Great service. I disagree with the person who said they never get the order right.
  • Worst starbucks in the area. Drinks are never right and staff is rude. Don't come here unless you have to.
  • The MOST awful experience in Starbucks/Barista history here. Super rude Barista ruined it for us. Customer service isn't for everyone I guess.
  • Dirtiest Starbucks I have ever been in.

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