Stamp's Burgers

1801 Dalton St
Jackson, MS 39204
(601) 352-4555



  • This was the best burger I've ever eaten in my life. Hands down. No contest. I would come back to Jackson just so I could eat it again.
  • Best burgers period! If you're from out of town it's best to get a room for the night once you finish the burger well IF you finish you will be going to sleep!! Full of flavor!!
  • Best burgers in Jackson!!
  • Bring your appetite!
  • Good home made type burgers
  • Hands down the best burger in town
  • Note: This is not a sit-down joint. Sit and wait for your order. Go slow--get the small burger. You'll understand when you get your order. Freaking ridiculous how good this burger tastes! I love them!