Sonobana Japanese Restaurant & Grocery

Japanese, Sushi, Asian
40 White Bridge Rd
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 356-6600


  • This is the BEST sushi in Nashville! I've been coming here for 10 years now and the food never disappoints! For an appetizer get the Kara age geso and the fried soft shell shrimp special!
  • Don't listen to that d-bag Fred S. This place is good.
  • Excellent value/quality! Got the lunch "Special Box" - I can't believe the amount of food for $11. Super fresh fish, mussel, a variety of sides, soup and salad. I'm insanely stuffed and VERY happy.
  • You can't go wrong with the Sonobana Roll.
  • Yamada says "hi"!!!
  • This restaurant doesn't just serve sushi. They serve edible art that is as delightful to your palate as it is to your eyes. Can't go wrong.
  • Be prepared to wait a year for sushi. It's not cooked wtf?
  • Don't even bother trying any other sushi restaurants in Nashville. This is the real deal. The sushi chefs are actually Japanese (what a concept!) and the wait staff is always so friendly.
  • By far my favorite sushi place in Nashville! The Rebekah Role and Daisy Role are delicious
  • If you're looking for oriental flavors, but not sure what exactly you're looking for, head to Sonobana. A taste for everyone and every palate.
  • Best sushi in Nashville. Bar none.
  • Easily the best Sushi in Nashville.
  • Sushi is so good.
  • Someone recommended the Charashi Don... looking forward to checking it out!
  • Rebekah roll was great, loved the miso soup. The service was excellent and friendly. Great value for the amount of food.
  • Rainbow roll is the way to go. With a 22oz Kirin.
  • Rebecca Roll. Do it.
  • The Sonobana Roll is one of the absolute best sushi rolls I've ever had in my life!!! Very, very slow service though. At least the server was friendly.
  • Slowly has been losing quality over the past several times I have eaten there. Even the ginger leaves a sour taste in my mouth. :(
  • The chirashi is always solid

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