Shanghai Tang Café

Chinese, Asian, Bar
Level 2&3, 333 Huang Pi Nan Road, Xintiandi (新天地)
Huangpu, 上海市
+86 21 6377 3333


  • Doesn't fit well? Use their tailor. He does an excellent alteration job. (altered a size 10 dress to size 6 for me and it fits really well.
  • Omg, truffle shrimp dumplings!
  • Nice place in a very "shanghai tang" style! Staff Needs improvment same for the food. Cosy place anyway!
  • Afternoon tea sets for 60rmb include shrimp toast w/ foie gras, green tea cookies, egg tarts and more!
  • Wifi password: stc33
  • wifipassword:stc33
  • Great designs, specially polos
  • Weekend brunch includes all you can eat. . .and all you can drink (beer, too)
  • Pure Shanghai Tang style for those who enjoy it. Lame service, acceptable food. Nice brunch. More info on
  • cafe
  • Worth a peak for the Shanghai Tang design, and a cup of tea. Have had great food there but for a catered event. Not sure about standard hours.
  • This used to be such a great restaurant, but they have changed the menus (removed the good stuff). Today we tried to order a Tsing Tao, duck and xiaolongbao. They didn't have any of it, so we left.
  • Not as good as it used to be... And it took ages to get the food!!! :S
  • Foursquare merged Shanghai Tang with Shanghai Tang caf!!! Please help to unmerge the 2 spots. There are actually 2 Shanghai Tang locations within Xintiandi....
  • Food was good while price is reasonable. Service was also good. But the people who work there didn's show they could maintain the high level expected for Shanghai Tang brand's image
  • Fourth, the waiters and waitresses had a village look on them. For a fashion brand I really expect they at least try to hire people who are more presentable.
  • Third, the chopsticks are filled with stains (not necessary dirty way), but it could be from wear and tear. It looks worst than those from local chachanten or dai pai dong in Hong Kong!!
  • This should be the first impression of any walk in customer. Second, the menu is all tested up and attached together by tape. How can a manager accept this level of quality in presentation?
  • This restaurant is a living proof no matter how good Shanghai looks on the outside, the inside is lacking substance. The receptionist, while wearing their brand's qipao, but her face is full of pimple
  • Alternatively for wifi... Network: ChinaNet-6wLx Password: yjd3qwag

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