Sammy's Halal Cart

Food Truck
73rd Street (Broadway)
, New York 11372
(718) 205-0662



  • "The lamb and chicken gyro ($3), rife with large chunks of juicy meat, lovingly drizzled with a fiery red hot sauce and a creamy white sauce, and wrapped in a fluffy pita, is an absolute steal."
  • Very tasty combo plate with hot & white sauce. But sometimes skimpy depending who's serving you. Sometimes box is only 1/3 full.
  • Green sauce!
  • What he said
  • The mixed plate is good. I usually get white and red (hot) sauces, but lately I've been adding green hot sauce too - as well as a sliced up pita.
  • The green sauce is addictive (mint + cilantro).
  • Ask them for some extra cooked onions on your gyro sandwich .
  • best place ever!!! i got the white, hot AND green sauce together on the combo. WOW!
  • Get chicken over rice, hot sauce, extra white sauce & green sauce! Their chicken over rice or lamb over rice are $6 each. A combo of chicken & lamb over rice is $7.
  • Theres good halal all over NYC. This is one of them. The difference is always with ingredients that are slightly fresher and the hospitality of the staff. They have both!
  • Felt like a fairly standard halal cart, but the better ones in Queens
  • Chicken over rice.
  • Add pita to any rice plate for an additional $1, it's worth it. Also, try the green sauce, it's damn good.
  • Combo is so delicious!
  • Chicken or lamb with rice
  • Chicken over rice
  • Cheap and tastes great
  • Best halal in queens
  • The lamb is great here, both in the gyro or the mixed platter. Make sure to try the green sauce too.
  • I always get the white garlic sauce poured on, it adds so much flavor

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