Qimin Organic Hotpot (齐民有机火锅)

陕西路407号 (北京西路)
上海市, 上海市


  • Combining recipes from the ancient Chinese cookbook, "Qimin," with the hearty organic food from their own farm, they guide you through a unique paradise of natural food. 10% off with our VIP card!
  • Truly excellent Hotpot. Fresh produce, excellent ambience, good price!
  • Try the (huazhiwan) - squid balls - it's delicious!
  • Tasty super fresh organic produce hotpot. Great service and ambience too. Its pricy so its not your regular hotpot. 399rmb price fixe for cny eve dinner.
  • Sauces and beef
  • Soups are slightly less flavorful but the ingredients are good, self harvesting mushrooms and greens are fun and picture worthy. Inside a nice mall, decor is good.
  • Yes the ingredients are top notch and the restaurant is nice but lacks the kick of a proper sichuan hot pot.
  • The crab is really good. Deserves to try
  • Healthy? Probably. But way over priced and bland. Service was terribly slow
  • Best quality hot pot in the city but a bit of a rip off. Plan on spending 400 per person on food alone for a simple dinner...
  • very creative