Paulie Gee's Slice Shop

Row 1

110 Franklin St (Noble)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Mon–Thu: Noon–4:00 PM Fri: Noon–4:00 PM Sat: Noon–1:00 AM Sun: Noon–11:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Well located with a clean and fun retro decor.It has some nice Yankees memorabilia. HOWEVER, we had 3 different types of pizza and we were disappointed with all 3. Fountain drinks were very good.
  • Way overcrowded and stressful for me. We even skipped the line by ordering at the bar. You have to listen over a lot of loud noise for your name to get called. Decent slices but not worth the ordeal.
  • Vegan pizza was sooo goood!
  • Get the Freddie Prince, simple, airy, delicious.
  • Hellboy and Freddie Prinze are excellent.
  • Sesame seeds on the crust?! Hell yeah!
  • Old school 80s vibe including 2 seats with an Atari. Both the Freddie Prinze and the pepperoni were great
  • Got a Freddy Prince...could eat it every day. Love the vibe!
  • Freddy Prince Slice with sesame seed crust. Hellboy slice with hot honey is on point as well
  • Not open at 5:45 pm which seems silly
  • The Freddy Prince has arrived and theres no question about this upside down square slice with the entire underside lined with a crunchy sesame seed crust:
  • The amount of pepperoni on each slice alone makes this joint worth it. They allow takeout orders!
  • Hellboy
  • Hellboy and sausage slices
  • Really great pizza! I loved how the crust was thin, though crunchy enough to eat it. It wasn't overpowering at all. I got 7 slices - 3 vegan supreme 4 vegan cheese which were delicious
  • Cheese pizza is excellent. There are more seats (and a bar) in the back
  • Good dough, standard cheese for a slice shop, pelati was nothing special. Only tried the cheese slice, so I cant speak to the rest of the pizzas
  • Sold out of pizza at midnight on a Friday, except their vegan pizza. Worst slice in recent memory.
  • We went around 4:30 on a Sunday and they had closed due to lack of help. Cant wait to actually try it!
  • Hellboy and the mootz would be a great superhero pairing, but are even better as pizza slices