Old Man Hot Pot (老坑火鍋)

25-31 Cooke St
+852 9089 7732


  • beef cubes r so gd!!! order more beef at the beginning as they will be sold out very soon!! tomato prawns soup base is gd too!
  • Can tell from the name, famous for its local feel, try tomato crab soup base and surprisingly, apart from hot pot, clay pot rice and fresh fish skin with spring onion n ginger slices are very nice!
  • Good food but environment not very good!
  • Tomato soup base is the boom, fresh meat and ingredients! Place feels a bit outskirt but food is awesome fried fish skin is crispy & yummy!
  • Tomato crab soup is awesome! Must try!
  • Tomato crab soup base is a bit pricey so that I have ordered tomato soup and which is good. Local beef is highly recommended. Service is excellent that they allow any kind of mix and match.
  • .........^^
  • Although food are nice it's pretty expensive, price close to a rip-off

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