Old China Hand Reading Room (汉源书店)

Café, Bookstore
绍兴路27号 | 27 Shaoxing Rd. (近陕西南路 | near Shanxi Rd. S.)
上海市, 上海市 200020


  • Teas start at RMB30, and the water they use is not quality.
  • wifi 16881688
  • 50
  • Nothing is good here. Unwarranted snobbish service, half-assed book selection. They need to figure out whether they want this place to be a bookstore or a tea house. Right now it's neither.
  • Special and unique SH books. The only place to buy Tess Johnson's iconic walking tour guides. But unfriendly staff
  • Really good place to just sit back and get work done.
  • Very quiet place to study but the coffee there is not really good and very overpriced
  • The iconic Black Sheep of Advertising Agencies
  • Typical clientele is old intellectual writer men with young prettty schoolgirls.