N.Y. Bagels Café

台北市, 106
+886 2 2752 1669


  • They're getting sloppy with the food. Brunch here only tastes good when you stumble out of a club at 3 a.m....
  • !!!
  • Try the French Toast - Yummmmy
  • Just terrible.
  • I only come here for friends, service was terrible until competition got bad. They used to have snobby waitress who wouldn't double toast my bagel for me. There are better places.
  • What are you waiting for
  • The beef was too tough to chew. Not because of the way it was cooked, but of the below-average quality of the meat. The bagel and the Long Black were good but still the meal left a bad aftertaste.
  • If you are looking for a North American style bacon and eggs (and bagel) breakfast while in Taipei, can't go wrong with this chain.
  • DON'T. I regretted having my brunch here. Bad service plus expansive sloppy food. Slacking waitresses and terrible music ( Linkin Park in the morning 2016 ) Why does this place still exist?
  • Pretty bad but never closed. It's like if Agnes B cafe decided to have a illegitimate child with Norm's and housed the bastard at Port of New York. Don't go unless you're drunk.
  • One of my fav onion bagel and strawberry milkshake!!
  • Friendly service and a good cappuccino. Unfortunately, the bagels taste like pizza dough without any hint of crusty chewiness. Not their fault and I suppose it's ok in a pinch.
  • The 24 hour aspect wins me over. Pretty good buffalo wings
  • Gotta get my onion bagel fix in Taipei!
  • The place is overrated! The wait is ridiculous and the food is ehh...there are much better American brunch around Taipei city
  • Una vaina de tooo!
  • Goodtasting restaurant

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