Food Truck
$ $
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 489-8712


  • Get the bone marrow! So Yummy and nutritious. The Fried Rabbit Leg is gone too.
  • Last time I had fish and chips this good was in England (yes, they're that good)! Their rabbit is delicious as well. Definitely my favorite food truck.
  • If you haven't had them, get the fish & chips. A giant piece of fish with some really great fries.
  • Fish and chips are classic and delicious. Crazy good mint mashed peas come with.
  • Seriously the best fish and chips in town. Great deal for bone marrow as well!
  • Get the fried rabbit! Try the bone marrow too!
  • Fish and chips were fantastic. Not a fan of their "mushy" peas which weren't mushy and were cold (prefer mine warm).
  • Yummy foods served quick.
  • Fish & Chips are great
  • Seattle fried rabbit is amazing!
  • Amazing food from a truck
  • Check out Nosh as it was featured on Eat Street for serving eclectic, gourmet fare featuring crispy Fried Rabbit and mouth-watering Meatloaf Sandwiches
  • Try the fried rabbit and chips. You won't be disappointed!
  • Best fish & chips in the country, TG it's in Seate
  • Food Network will be filming at the PI Building location next Thursday Aug 8, 2013