Moral Omnivore Foodtruck

Food Truck, American
Minneapolis, MN


  • Fried tomato BLT's are delicious as well is the root salad w/quinoa
  • BLTs with deep fried tomatoes are awesome & so are the curry mushroom fries! YUM!!!
  • The BLT is awesome!!
  • The fried tomato sliders are redonk
  • Absolutely love their beef sliders with a side of garlic fries. Price is a little steep for an office workday lunch but definitely worth it once in a while.
  • Fried BLT sliders and mushroom curry fries
  • The mushroom fries are awesome, but addicting so watch out!
  • Even if you're not a fan of Mushrooms you will absolutely LOVE the Curry Mushroom Fries!!!
  • The curried mushroom fries are amazing!
  • The beet sliders are a decent vegetarian item, but I'd be sure to request extra mustard sauce otherwise they are a bit bland