Menya Ultra

8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste M
San Diego, CA 92111


  • Donkotsu ramen. The noodle is average but broth is excellent. Fried chicken is good too.
  • The smell of cigars from the shop next door overpowers the ramen.
  • Thrillist: SDs best ramen; first outpost of the popular JPN chain where everything - the broth, the noodles and all the accoutrements - is made fresh and in-house; theres always a well-deserved line
  • Get there early. And get ready for the best ramen you have ever had.
  • Tantan pork ramen was amazing
  • Good but not amazing. Gotta say, the scallions and sprouts on mine were tough and hard to chew though.
  • Super good! Super long wait for a table or counter top. Expect to wait at least an hour before sitting. Daiso conveniently located a skip and a hop away.
  • Really tasty ramen noodles, try the cold noodle with pork, its amazing. Come early becuz bit of a wait but noodles are worth it
  • Not as good as I had hoped. Added butter, corn and egg to the miso. Egg was jammy, but noodle and broth were underwhelming. Not sure if the recommended pat of butter actually made a difference.
  • The Ramen is great!! Get there before it opens and sign in on the waiting list on the ipad to beat the wait.
  • We've tried every type of ramen available here and every single one was amazing.
  • It is delicious! Paiko Tantan a must!
  • The wait is usually really long, but if you really want some ramen it's worth it. The broth wasn't as rich as I would thought, but the chashu is amazing.
  • The broth is amazingly smooth!
  • [BFGF] The viral hype has made this place a madhouse to even get seated when they open. We showed up 10m til opening and were 2hrs down the wait list.. went to Tajima instead
  • Come early if you don't wanna wait cause it takes time for them to make the ramen. 30' before they re open, guarantees to sit within 10min after opening
  • Best Karage

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