Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园

Row 1

63-67 Temple St
Singapore, 088389
+65 6221 1156
Desserts, Food & Drink
Mon–Sun: Noon–9:30 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • The carrot cake here is nice!
  • Durian Snow Ice!
  • Chendol is superb.
  • Try their Steam Milk!
  • Melon lychee ice very nice!!
  • Something nt so sweet, cooling for the body & refreshing? Try this waterchesnut with corn (cold one ):) also try their durian shave ice. Nice appearance & taste:)
  • Snow Ice / Mango Snow Ice
  • Chendol ice is power.
  • Love the mango snow ice!!!
  • the black sesame paste is good :) on the other hand, i find the mango pomegranate a little too sweet for my taste.
  • Dried bean curd with ginkgo & Barley has the similar taste of soya bean and if you like ginger do also try the very gingery flavour glutinous rice ball gingersoup that gave good kicks in your throat.
  • Still my fav dessert shop!! Yummy!
  • Peanut paste is nutty and smooth. The chee cheong fun truly reminiscent of the good old childhood days. Sesame shaved ice rocks as well! Must try the walnut paste next time- the menu says :)
  • Mango with sago and pomelo tastes bland, the 'soup' isn't sweet. Not too sure if its a seasonal thing.
  • Soursop shaved snow ftw.
  • Desserts: I'm sure u will find a dessert dat suits ur preference. My faves r: almond cream, black sesame cream, glutinous rice balls!
  • Must try their carrot cake!
  • Love the almond snow ice and almond dessert!
  • nice dessert
  • Yummy Desserts!!! Heard the paste here are uber yummy~