Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso

Coffee Shop
1624 South St (16th and South)
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 477-2007



  • great toddy. make it iced, you'll be happy.
  • I love the Lark and I like Starbucks. I don't think it is fair to trash a coffee giant to make a little piece of heaven stand out. The experience at each is much different. Each serves its purpose.
  • Meadowlark is now serving Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls with a delicious lemon blueberry icing. Order one and enjoy with a friend!
  • Best Coffee in Town!
  • Periodically yell something derogatory about Elvis Costello and act like someone near you said it. Take that persons drink when he's drug outside and beaten ironically.
  • Free Wi-Fi!
  • If you want a taste of heaven, get a chocolate macadamia nut flavored italian soda. It's a mouthful, but a very delicious one
  • Donate two books and get a free membership to check out books from their library. The same goes for thier movie collection!
  • Whatever you do, do not try the Lemon Roll if it's on someone else's table. Big mistake. Thanks Amber....
  • Fight the Starbucks power
  • Good environment
  • Guatemala dark roast coffee is the absolute best!!
  • Try anything by the Buxom Baxter for some to-die-for delicious baked goodness. Be prepared to swoon at the will of your taste buds!
  • Open every day 6am till midnight! Plus, they have free wifi! :)
  • Poetry Slam every second Thursday!
  • If you are used to sugary drinks get a mocha. Cappuccino is just frothy milk coffee.
  • Catch open mic night every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
  • Try the Lemon Roll if they have it. It's light & delicious!
  • Bohemian feel and quality coffee. Comfy couches and booths are available. Looks like they've added a new couch and a couple new coffee tables--a real improvement!
  • I like this place to have my coffee and relax. The cinnamon roll is delicious

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