McCawley's Irish Pub

购物公园151-152号 (福华路/民田路)
深圳市, 广东


  • Wifi password is guinness
  • Gotta try the natchos
  • Try to come in rite after office hour, else no more outdoor sit!
  • It's great place to chat with friends, and the food is marvelous ^_^
  • Tues 1 for 1
  • Third attempt to eat here. We tried bangers and mash, a typical dish from the UK. They failed. Mash straight away from the fridge, sausages so so. Don't eat, just drink!
  • Got my mountain 'o nacho's, my Guinness and the rugbies on the TV. Good to go!
  • second home in sz...
  • wifi password: guinness
  • Wow,i like this?Who are you my friends?
  • It's a great place. You should come and check the foods
  • Good place with nice deal of the day, favorite is Friday with half price for pizza, pizza really delicious! My choice for pizza, beer and friends!
  • Mojito cigar wifi what else do you need : password ? Here you are: guinness with 2 n because the Network is mccawleyss with 2 ss
  • Great ambiance but disappointed with the food. Burger's meat and enchiladas were not "fresh", lack of salt & peppa. Hope the drinks will make us forget
  • Live music is great. This group has the best balance of any bar performance group I have ever heard.
  • Un petit bout de Dublin au plein milieu de Coco Park !
  • The Irish Whiskey Tiramisu. Do it. Don't question.
  • McCawley's Hamburger -- with grilled onions, tomatoes. Add dash of HP and dash of Heinz and good to go. Oh: and a Guinness o'course.
  • Fajitas half price on Friday night
  • Awesome Nachos!!! Must Have!!! :)

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