Made In China (长安壹号)

1A E Chang'an Ave (At 1/F of Grand Hyatt Beijing)
北京市, 北京市 100738
+86 10 6510 9024


  • Don't know where those "great great" tips coming from, for me the place is just so so, the dishes doesn't worth it... Beijing is quite a big city, go out and eat more~
  • well, i was here last night! Be suRe to reserve befOre you go! we had the faMous peking duCk with some other fooDs! the quality was good! cooKs were skilled! Not much expeNsive!
  • The Peking Duck will blow your mind (and waistline). Get one per two people, and stir fry the bones.
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  • With modern dcor, and creative food presentation, Beijings Made in China restaurant represents a stylized interpretation of traditional Chinese dining...
  • the best roast duck in beijing..dumplings are also good!!
  • Great breakfast.You would find every kind of internstional brakfast types.Staff are kind.
  • Open kitchen cooking brings a crisp, modern sensibility to Chinese dining at this restaurant. Made in China features classic specialties from northern China, including a delicious beggar's chicken.
  • Duck is greasy but insane, most of the food is incredible but the service is just terrible. Get ready to pour your own wine and chase staff down
  • They no longer have breakfast served at Made In China.
  • As one of the best restaurant for Peking duck in Beijing, they have good collections of wine as well.
  • Very crappy and greasy food from a local point of view. Much better places elsewhere. Da Dong and Wutong both better in food and atmosphere.
  • Many excellent dishes worth the high prices. Unfortunately the noisy and smoky environment take away a lot of points. The standard answer from the overly-stressed staff is "We have an open kitchen. "
  • Probably one of the best places for Peking duck in Beijing!
  • just make sure they dont bring both appetizers and main dishes at the same time, they ruined my dinner by bringing everything at the same time and at half my dinner the food was cold, very amateurish
  • The best of Peking duck( well-known Beijinger food, my favourite food too) I'd ever tried.
  • Tasted the best traditional Chinese dining foods of this modern decorated restaurant with the extraordinary open kitchen in its dining hall. It's amazed to dine here with my Beijinger 10122014
  • Peking duck is a must try.

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