Mackie Kitchen (阿麥廚房)

G/F, 9 Caroline Hill Rd
+852 2808 0351


  • Agree with Rowena below.
  • Good deals for lunch which comes in large portions and includes a drink. Attentive service for a cafe.
  • Lovely but hard to book!
  • Food's OK, but service needs improvement.
  • Odd staff, overpriced food but u gotta order the knuckle that u might not expect to have such good one serving in a small cafe even better than some German restaurant
  • Food is borderline inedible & way overpriced. Frozen frenchfries, unrecognizable cuts of meat; and on top of that, amateur service.
  • Spend over $200 and pay with Heng Sang Bank credit card to get 20% off.
  • Nice restraurant! Very comfortable, food is good too. Like it!