Lucky Dessert (發記甜品)

25-27 Soy St
+852 2332 8919


  • Never leave durian pancake behind. You will regret!
  • is still a must! But not enough cold for my taste.
  • Try the
  • Always very crowded but desserts made from really fresh fruit. Get the Mango Sago Dessert-huge piece of Mango in it!
  • Love the souffl - served with good ice cream! Shaved mango ice is not bad too, but don't expect that the portion is big.
  • The durian pancake is packed with whipped cream and durian.. Really delicious! Must try!
  • Crowded and sometimes rowdy but good fun. Has a limited English menu. Try the mango rolls and house mango soup
  • Mixed berry and black pearl sago with italian-style jello was good! Only con about this place is that the whole restaurant reeks of durian lol
  • House soup dessert with mango is nice and the durian dessert is good too!
  • black sesame dessert
  • Mango is sweet. Durian pancake was nice if you like durian
  • Durian no no compare to malaysia
  • Shaved Ice Cream. Amazing!
  • Durians and banana pancake
  • Durian fans, doubt no more - durian soup is a go!
  • Great value + friendly
  • goooooood!!
  • is a MUST!!!'
  • Huge servings of mango & durian in the desserts. Hearty and nice!

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