Fast Food, Burgers, Diner
Asturias St.
Maynila, City of Manila


  • Combo Meal 3 for only Php55! egg, bacon & burger steak plus gravy = SATISFIED TUMMY! :)
  • Combo meals = YUM!
  • Cheap but very good food!
  • Awesome food. Cheapest price!
  • Php 50.00 Half-long and Bacon Combo meal!:-) beat with gravy and melon juice.
  • bacoon with graavy! yummy! :))
  • Ask for free gravy refill.
  • Combo Number 2!!
  • they're bacon here is the best.
  • Combo Meals are the best! Get 'em for only Php45.
  • They close Soooo early! Like 6-7pm early!
  • I love the food! Bacon and egg with rice! Yummy
  • Order ham, egg and cheese + fresh fruit shake. Heaven for only P50!!

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