Lin Long Fang Dumpling (Lin Long Fang Dumpling (麟笼坊特色小笼包 LinLongFang Dumpling))

Dumplings, Dim Sum, Chinese
10 E Jianguo Rd (btw Zhaozhou Rd and Shunchang Rd)
Huangpu, 上海市
+86 21 6386 7021


  • Perfect little soup dumplings . The noodles tossed in scallion oil are really good, too.
  • I really think this restaurant had a very close relationship with Jiajia dumplings.
  • If you are visiting Xintiandi, come here instead of Ding Tai Fung.. Better, cheaper, & much more authentic!
  • Best spring onion noodles! 1 spring onion noodle, add 1 serving ginger, Chilli n vinegar to taste!
  • Best Xiaolongbao in the world. Hands down.
  • Try their seaweed soup with shredded egg omelet
  • Loved noodles with scallion oil. Everything else was dissapointing
  • Best xiao long bao in shanghai. Be sure to try the egg yolk xiaolong bao!
  • Quite possibly the best soup dumps in Shanghai
  • The egg yolk xiaolongbao is amazing!
  • Great place for soup dumplings or xiao long bao (), but the wonton soup () is also great.
  • They only steam each Xiao Long Bao upon order!
  • Onion oil noodle
  • Indeed nice dumpling. Just order all their signature. Onion noodles is nice eat together.
  • She called it "dingy", to me it was pure. Simply the best scallion oil noodles; salted egg yolk & crab meat xiao long bao were sublime. Things run out after 1pm so go early. Shanghai's best "secret".
  • Tiny dining room upstairs. Good food.
  • Worth coming back for the noodles with scallion oil. As for the mainly featured xiaolongbao, the wrapper is way to thick, which were just made in front of your eyes.
  • Totally recommend the short walk over from Xintandi for the delicious XLB, seaweed soup and scallion noodles for next to nothing
  • Similar to JiaJiaTangBao, but way more remote. Decent XiaoLongBao & the scallion noodles are tasty.
  • Best xiaolongbao in town! The spicy dry mince meat noodle is aweeeesome

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