li-bra-ry at Candide (ไล-บรา-ลี่ แอท กองดิด)

Coffee Shop
The Jam Factory (in Candide Books)
คลองสาน, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10600


  • Quiet place to stay alive
  • very relaxing place to sit back for read some books & drink coffee, good atmosphere have a romantic Coffee shop
  • Nice place
  • .. .. .. .. = ='
  • Quiet and peaceful place to have some nice coffee to start your day. Mostly hip people and architecture people always stick around here.
  • . . ..
  • What an interesting place - the pate was lovely
  • This place is kind of chill. Espresso cake is some salty feeling, but nice.
  • Brownie donuts and capuccino
  • Open on weekends as well, this is a cafe connected to a bookshop and furniture/ lifestyle shop in the Jam Factory cluster.
  • Coffee and waffle
  • 3 . . 100 ;) 100
  • ..!!
  • Weekday only. Coffee is quite nice. Place is grey which is great for reading as the light is not too reflective. But please turn off those cheesy music. Kind of ruin the place.
  • , . .
  • Wait ... Erland !!!
  • Very spacious and nice
  • Nice hipster spot filled with designer books in Thai. Too pricey tho.
  • I'm really love here if u will have free time . please come to chill out at here..