Lanxin Restaurant Aunt Tang's Homecooking (兰心餐厅)

进贤路130号 (茂名南路)
上海市, 上海市


  • One the best hole in the wall Shanghainese restaurants in shanghai
  • Tiny local place is always crowded! Get homemade local food here and feel at home! Service is ok, food is tasty! Especially the local style soup and fresh vegetable! Yum! Gonna come back again!
  • The menu was hand wrote by the owner, an old shanghainese lady. The small garret like restaurant provides unbelievable while approachable shanghainese food, like from the grandma's
  • Very traditional shanghai taste, all good
  • Great little Shanghainese place, but expect to have to use some Chinese.
  • The people running the place truly do not care whether or not you eat here and will treat you accordingly. Do not let that deter you! It's worth the abuse
  • This whole in the wall spot is actually someone's home. #amazing
  • Show these 3 must-orders to the waiter. And the. You are set.