Kohl's Custard And Burgers

Burgers, Snacks
92 Lumina Ave S
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
(910) 256-3955


  • Great shakes. Flavor of the day can be hit or miss. Don't forget to check the cooler for pints and quarts.
  • Plain ice cream cone, $5. The chocolate was not good...very melty from the moment it came out. Better off hitting up McDonalds!
  • The soppy, slop they serve for the 2017 season on each of my 4 visits soggied my cone to mush within a minute of having been served. Advice: McDOnald's will serve a quality prefab cone for less $$.
  • Kohl's used to have great custard. But each 2017 visit it's been deplorably substandard. So disappointed to discover that their "custard" has changed for the worse cause they were the only gig in town
  • The chocolate custard is DELICIOUS.
  • Some of the richest, best ice cream you can get. The chocolate is incredibly tasty, and it's just as good as I remember it being 6 years later. Toppings aren't even needed for a delicious treat.
  • Good stuff. Chocolate Custard.
  • Great turkey burgers!

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