Coffee Shop
610 S Berendo St (at W 6th St)
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 427-1441



  • get beef dumplings here. delicious!
  • They have unique teas that you should pair with their tasty desserts.
  • Pro: Koffea serves Fosselman's Ice Cream. Con: As of 6-26-13, the Health Department gave Koffea a C grade.
  • [Meeting Tips] Wide open spaces. 2 Private rooms on the 3rd floor (natural deco, including lighting; hence a bit dark). Small patio for special event. WiFi available w/purchase. Korean-style deco.
  • Feeling down? Try the hot ssangwha tea with honey.
  • Wifi is 2.59.bps downstream and 0.43Mbps upstream with no concurrent users. Typical of a residential DSL service line.
  • Omg expensive!
  • Still the best bingsu (shaved ice) in K-town: get the coffee version!
  • If you're feeling cold, you can ask for a blanket!
  • Get their hot tea, which has a nifty personal dispenser. They have Affogatos on the menu (it's new)!
  • The Red Bean shaved ice is a pile of goodness... do a favor and share w/ friends.
  • the best Vagrazzle can be found here!
  • For a good time...order the red bean shaved ice!
  • get the beef dumplings here. delicious!