Kem Bạch Đằng

Ice Cream
26-28 Le Loi St., Dist. 1
Ho Chi Minh, Thành Phố


  • the older most popular Vietnamese ice cream, cafe, watch people, open air ( no doors or walls)
  • y, kem Tri da rt ngon. Mi ngi nn th nghen.
  • Great coconut ice cream! Ask to bring with fresh fruits only)
  • been there...
  • Ice cream in coconut nice.
  • Have a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee. (Ca phe sua da)
  • Ln u tin n kem y...
  • Ice cream in coconut is good... But price expensive like a luxury dog @_@. 85,000vnd (4$)
  • Great place to eat!!! A Vietnamese original place to eat ice cream!!!
  • Really good ice cream. Try to sit by the window in order to get a good view of Vietnam.
  • Try their Coconut Ice cream in a coconut shell or their Durian Ice cream. Nom .. Nom.. Nom..
  • ^^
  • Luc nao cung dong.hinh nhu ngay thag chi phuc vu den tang 1
  • Try the ice cream in the coconut! Yummy ice cream, fresh fruits!
  • Fanny is much better. More fancy and better price.
  • A bit pricy, cosy tho. Good place to chill. I've tasted better coconut ice cream.
  • .
  • Try their fresh orange juice + ice cream! It's refreshing. Good to eat it on hot weather.
  • Kem ca tui th. Hm Noel c vo n, ng cc k. Mnh gi kem c ph, rt cuc cho ra l KEM VANI RI NC C PH. M kem r hn mnh cng ko ni, ng ny bn mc m ko ng.
  • Famous ice cream shop, but not really good. Try the tapioca or durian ice cream if you go there.

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