Filipino, Fast Food, Fried Chicken
8001 Main St
Houston, TX 77025


  • Halo Halo is what aliens would attempt to make as human desserts in a distant future without any context or recipes of actual desserts. It's a jambalaya of sweets thrown together. I think its good.
  • The Fiesta Noodles is made of ground pork with a slightly tangy sauce with some egg over rice noodles. Interesting!
  • It's good. Liked the spaghetti the best. Sweet and salty my fave.
  • Purple yams shake with tapioca balls. Wat? Yum.
  • Phillipino spaghetti fast food style. Sweet tang to it like Asian ragu.
  • They don't take American Express!
  • Brought back the memories of my childhood! Delish authentic food! Hoping that the taste would not change over the course of time!
  • Burger Steak!
  • Don't forget to say "salamat po".
  • Get the spicy Chickenjoy!
  • Busy. Long line and NO parking. But the food tastes like how it is in the homeland.
  • Be super early! there's a line @ilovejollibee @jollibeeusa #jollibeehouston @arosariojrmdmph
  • Jollibee's Spaghetti is the Meatiest Cheesiest Spaghettiest.
  • The fried chicken is juicy and flavorful. KFC used to be the best, but they are going downhill. Jollibee Chickenjoy is my new favorite.
  • Chicken Joy! 1 bucket please :) feels like home
  • All the Asian people seem to love it bc they have it over there. IMO they need to be nicer to their non Asian clientele. They were all smiles to everyone but me!
  • Good fried chicken.
  • HORRIBLE! Don't waste your time!
  • When you ask for it spicy, they simply pour a dry chili powder over the regular chicken, not what I was expecting
  • Drive thru is now open!

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