Hung's Delicacies (阿鴻小吃)

Shop 3P116-117, Terminal 2, Hong Kong International Airport
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong


  • Not too bad but nothing that really stood out either...
  • How did this place get a Michelin star??
  • Takeout is a convenient and tasty option.
  • This superb bistro received Michelin Star Award in consecutive 2 years in recognition of Ah-Hungs scrupulous way of cooking and his insistence on food quality.
  • 6North PointLunchGrand MenuLunch Menu
  • The broth in the minced goose and Shitake mushroom congee is amazing! This is from the breakfast menu before 11am. The lunch menu at 11am offers nice goose dishes.
  • noodle and soup are my favorite here. won't go wrong with these.
  • Single diners can usually get a seat at the counter out front.
  • At least I get cooked food at MacDonald
  • How did this place get Michelin star?
  • Chinese cuisine with focus on product, very nice! Ideal for a pre-flight snack without flavor additives.
  • Best Pre/Post-Flight Meal of Hong Kong Airport!
  • Special price on Green Monday for assorted vegetable in red marinated tofu sauce!
  • Really great. Must try Chua Lam's Noodles and marinated goose pieces with marinated tofu
  • d :-)

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