Huda Restaurant (胡大饭馆)

233 Dongzhimen Inner Ave
北京市, 北京市


  • You'll have to queue for this great food...
  • wifi as of 12/2/2012 is "hudaxiami"; also the scallops are pretty decent.
  • Every time I come to Beijing, I eat here for late night meals. Crayfish is as good as always. For the barbecue and other dishes, remember to tell them cook with less salt.
  • Spicy Food.
  • Crayfish is damn good. Take the garlic if u cant take super spicy. The frog leg stick, take the bean paste(Tauchu) instead of spicy. The shredded potato is crispy and unique.
  • This place is always busy. The wait is disproportionate to the food. Don't get me wrong, the crayfish are tasty and quite a tad spicy.
  • awesome crayfish! but the queue is super long (1-2 hour wait) - tho they make the wait comfy with seats and snacks.
  • Park at Grand Mercure three blocks away, where Huda's company car takes you to the restaurant.
  • great steam dumpling
  • pretty spicy food
  • They allow customers smoke inside the resturant... which is sooooo disturbing !!!
  • The crab is crap. Yes. There is 0 seafood taste, just the taste of spicy. Nothing else.
  • Potato and eggplants () is not bad at all...
  • Sitting @ the table right at the doorside, with blizzard cold wind right punching my face.