Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken (豪大大雞排 Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken)

Fried Chicken
台北市, 118


  • They won't cut into pieces for you because to keep it juicy and tender.
  • Real big piece of chicken. Fish and sweet potato is quite good.
  • Try the large fried chicken
  • fried chicken duh
  • Taste so so only
  • Sibei oily!
  • Yummy large fried chicken!
  • The best chicken chop. As big as you face.
  • So juicy, so crispy! Ahhhh why cant you QC your outlet in Malaysia!!?!? is also a must try
  • The large fried chicken is certainly "larger" than the one being sold in Malaysia but taste-wise it's about the same. Price as of this post is 70 TWD which's OK for all of the meat that you're getting
  • Huge and delicious fried chicken
  • For some reason I didn't enjoy the LFC as much as I did the fried oyster mushrooms. They are good, trust me.
  • Ask for spicy.
  • I can't leave Taipei without this!
  • The fried chicken is still the best in the area and be prepared for a wait as there is generally a long queue.
  • Giant fried chicken, once you order they give you a coupon for the juice shop right next to it.
  • Nothing much different with the Queensbay one
  • Opens till late!
  • Inconsiderate and impatient staff.
  • Great fried chicken although there was a long waiting time. However, that should be expected considering the shop is in the middle of Ximending. Consider visiting one of their other outlets in Taipei.

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