Hot-Star (豪大大雞排)

Fried Chicken, Food Truck
文林路113號 (士林夜市50號攤)
台北市, 111
+886 80 066 6667


  • gak usah masak ,,, asyyiikkk
  • NT$55 per piece.
  • cari sarapan yuck,,,,
  • Famous chicken steak! Juicy!
  • Every time long q de!!
  • Is too large a portion to try to eat it all yourself. Share with someone. Keep some room for other snack.
  • fried chicken as big as your head
  • Famous for their face-sized, deep-fried chicken cutlets. Can be had with or without chilli. Ideally share with others (quite a lot!) While there are branches, this is the home store (sentimental).
  • Worldwide franchise, but the first one is in Shilin nightmarkets. A must try and good selfie opportunity.
  • The original fried chicken, butterflied, crumbed and seasoned. So good that they're franchised internationally!
  • The original
  • Fried chicken cutlet as big as your face, but so crunchy and delicious. Order it w chilli. Beware of bones though.
  • 602014/11/28
  • The original hot-star large fried chicken! Shop 1
  • Fried chicken cutlet the size of your face. There are now branches throughout shilin night market, Taipei, and even around the world, but nothing beats getting it at the original location!
  • Shorter line if you go to the one in the small street and not the main one outside where all the tourists are
  • best ! ever !
  • Muy bien organizados. Servicio express. Cuidado que quema!

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