Hoover Cake Shop (豪華餅店)

136 Nga Tsin Wai Rd


  • The best egg tarts.
  • Tai Cheong's egg tart still better. This is too sweet.
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  • A nostalgic bakery... Just nostalgic, doesn't mean it's good I had an assorted Swiss roll at 9am, thought it'd be fresh coz its was still morning, but it was super sweet and dry like made for a week
  • This is the raisin cake from Hoover..however its taste like it has been put for several weeks already...never come again
  • food doesn't taste as great as it used to be
  • Best Egg Tarts in town!
  • Missing the Sesame bun! But it's no longer light n puffy!
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  • Number 1 I've ever had

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