Homst Recipe Bangi Gateway

@ Bangi Gateway (Seksyen 15)
Bangi, Selangor


  • "Chinese muslim restaurant, not too expensive, menu not too different more wth asian food I like to eat their nyonya kari laksa,so delicious!"
  • Service too slowly huhuuu....
  • Servis tersangat slow
  • Portion too small. For the same price outside, you gets bigger portions
  • Air suam free je ais 0 kena charge 50sen
  • Sometimes they get your order wrong.
  • Bad food. Not same as Ayer 8. Tomyam
  • Overrated, super expensive. Tomyum is terriblely sweet and no contents but just onions. Prawns skin already remove, lost its essence in the tomyum. The sotong salted egg is sloppy and not crunchy.
  • The service is degrading. Food was served cold.
  • Em so so. Not satisfied.
  • Service slow gila nak mampus. Order sizzling yee mee boleh lupa. Mango vanila aku pun dia tak bagi sbb lupa. Ergh!
  • scrumptious dim sum
  • Sizzling tofu sedap...lain2 smua ok lah...
  • Lunch hour!!!
  • We tried kerapu assam kari, butter prawn, softshell crab w salted egg, mix vege soup.. Presentation is fine,the taste is more like 4star hotel. The service is little bit late, but is worth to wait.
  • Love the Udon mee. Recommended
  • Menu yg biasa terdapat di Restoran Chinese Muslim...harga pun berpatutan cuma pekerja tak mesra pelanggan.
  • Do not try the butter chicken! Price too high for something too simple
  • Food is a bit mediocre, and the service is quite slow. Food took 30mins to arrive and the restaurant isnt even packed.
  • Fried kuey tiaw is a must try!

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