H&F Burger

Turner Field (Right Field Fan Plaza)
Atlanta, GA


  • Not quite the same as the infamous 10pm burger at H&F, but the best ballpark burger you will ever have
  • Well worth the wait. Please dont modify your burger. Its perfect the way it is
  • Great Burger- flavorful and juicy. No modifications at all.
  • Get the BUTGER!!! Enough said. Dream of a burger and then get the HD burger. You will jot be disappointed.
  • Great hamburger but horribly slow service. If you only have one choice why are the employees soo slow?
  • Probably the best food option at Turner Field. But you would hope so for a TWELVE DOLLAR BURGER:-)
  • The line is long but you can peek at the game while you wait and the burger is exceptional
  • Best burger at the Ted! Most people don't know this but there are 2 locstions. One is in Center Field (beside the MLB store) and the other 1 is near section 104 kinda behind the plate. Enjoy!
  • These burgers are so good that I cry a little as I stuff my face
  • One of the best burgers ever!
  • Best burguera in Atlanta
  • 14 bucks for a burger and fries it was good but damn...can you throw a drink in there too? You can go to the bbq place get a meat and two sides for 10.50 just saying.
  • Worth the wait!
  • OMG! This burger is truly amazing!
  • Worth the wait for a super yummy burger!!!!!
  • Dairy allergy? Don't bother standing in line they will not remove the cheese from the burger.
  • Delicious burger, but fries aren't great
  • It is da bomb.com
  • Line takes forever! They only make 8 burgers at a time. They're good - double decker cheese onions (ask for extra ketchup) but grab a beer before you get in line!
  • Very slow, but its had the best burger here