11 Temple Pl
Boston, MA 02111



  • the Pescado Burrito is excellent
  • Fish burritos are a must try.
  • Awesome spot to get lunch! I loved my fish burrito.
  • I loooove their carnitas burrito!
  • I love their carnitas burritos. They are my fave!
  • Get the pescado burrito
  • The enchiladas in mole poblano sauce are delicious.
  • Try the fish burritto
  • Breakfast burrito with bacon is excellent. Friendly staff as well
  • The large is very large and one of the pricier burritos in Boston. Note the chipotle sauce is ranch dressing with chipotle adobo.
  • If you're in the mood for a salad, the Taxequea salad is amazing.
  • Sabroso mexican food. Fast and fairly priced. Carnitas and tomatillo sauce specials not to be missed.
  • Pollo colorado and all I the carnitas burritos are delicious.
  • Fish tacos! The chipotle sauce is amazing.
  • Breakfast Ranchero!
  • Breakfast Burrito (until 11 am) with chorizo is great. Pollo Colodado burrito is the best lunch. Their coffee is actually very good (I often come just for the coffee).
  • Fish tacos
  • Skip the carts (though delicious) and hit the actual store...way more options on the menu and SUPER delicious. Best quick Mexican lunch downtown.

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