Hard Times Café

Row 1

1821 Riverside Ave (at Cedar Ave)
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 341-9261
Vegetarian / Vegan, Café
Mon–Sun: 6:00 AM–4:00 AM

Foursquare Tips

  • Go to the bathroom elsewhere before you come
  • Listen in on drunk conversations on a variety of topics ranging from Ancient Celtic spanking sticks, to "the one who got away". Sure its rude, but i promise they won't notice.
  • collectively owned and operated vegetarian, vegan almost 24 hour west bank, diverse and eclectic cafe.
  • be sure to follow the ordering instructions posted on the chalk board inside the front door.
  • Voted top ten late-night restaurants! It's a collectively owned caf that draws the nocturnal crowd, a refuge for musicians, artists, and other dwellers of the night.
  • Try the biscuits & gravy; they're the best!
  • If you're showing up late at night (and happen to be inebriated), do two things: Don't piss anyone off, and get an omelet. Vegetarian food has never been this unhealthy, and yet so satisfying.
  • best biscuits and gravy everrr
  • So the sign outside boasts: "We have AC and Iced Tea." Indeed. Also delicious Iced Coffee, free WiFi and food that i have loved for the last 17+ years!
  • I like to come here and draw. There is always radical music playing from their record collection. It's a different atmosphere with amazing vegetarian and vegan food
  • Wifi password: Respect!
  • Tacos and breakfast burritos. A delicious, full meal to go with a funky space. Payment is cash only!
  • Night is the best time to go get some biscuits and gravy. No annoying college kids bitching about the bathrooms or taking up the tables with their Mac books.
  • Best vegan baked goods in town. Huge muffins and cookies. Cheap too. Day olds are $1. The "regular" coffee is french press. Very good.
  • Best cafe ever! Been coming here almost 15 years. My fav menu item is the quesadilla and hashbrowns w/cheese. Aaron rules !
  • Be prepared to wait a while for your food. They usually cook one order at a time. It's usually worth the wait though.
  • Enjoy great chai and breakfast all day while you get some work done.
  • One of the best places for post-holiday eating! this place is the ultimate diner for West Bank customers looking for an animal product-free meal and a rousing game of chess.
  • Don't waste time with the Classic Breakfast or pancakes. Tastes like bad Denny's and causes firehose poo. Get something with veggies.
  • CASH-ONLY! Beware. The French Toast is wonderful, and the entire menu is vegetarian/vegan. Ordering is a bit complicated, follow the instructions and you'll be fine.