Häagen-Dazs (哈根达斯)

Row 1

+86 21 6386 2077

Foursquare Tips

  • This is one of the rare branches that has more seats than people! Hagen-Dazs ice cream is pretty expensive, and nothing stinks more than paying the premium and then not being able to find a seat.
  • Ohhh! There is an ice cream that is a chocokate ball with ice cream inside! When you order they drop hot chocolate on top and the chocolate melts....... Ohhhh myyyyy God!
  • Terrible service. I went to get ice cream and while I'm trying to get my money out they push it on me then even though I asked for a bottle of water I get a small cup. One of my bags was stolen.
  • The service is so bad. Do not come here. You will be rejected if order the "captivate only" which means take away and want to sit down. None really can speak English.
  • Absolute worst service in Shanghai - :25 minutes just to get change
  • A nice day
  • Try the fondue with strawberry dip!!! Sinful!!! ;p

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