Guhaya Nasi Kandar

Malay, Indian
$ $
Taman Seri Petaling
Kulim, Kedah 09000


  • + sambal nyiok...
  • RESTORAN NASI GUHAYA is the best in penang. All the curry mix up flow with the taste.You will keep smelling your figger till the end.Yummy...
  • Nasi kandar dia ok, sedap cuma tak berapa nak rasa pedas sangat. Sapa yang tak suka pedas ok la. Tapi overall blh dikategorikan sedap.
  • Entahla..rasanya fauzan lg sedap di tekakku..what's the hype is all about sampai org beratur pjg sampai luar kedai
  • The food here is good, highly recommended
  • Nasi 'tagih' bagan boekk
  • Do try rempah fried chicken(RM3 ea.) for your visit, it's well done! The curry were splendid, and it's inexpensive compared to others out there. Highly recommended for all mamak campers out there.
  • Try the fried chicken with Chicken gravy.
  • Food is Good and hot.
  • Nasi blh tahan sedap. Lain dari nasi kandaq lain