Guava & Java

Coffee Shop, Juice Bar, Deli / Bodega
$ $
SFO Terminal 1, Boarding Area C (near Gate 48, Post-Security)
San Francisco, CA 94128
(650) 821-1033


  • Over priced and very bad service
  • Striking contrast between the SFO International and this 3rd world feel Delta terminal. If you are starving get the Cuban toasted panini.
  • The best coffee in the terminal. The only coffee in the terminal -__-
  • If I was stuck in prison AND had been starved of food for 3 days, I still might not eat one of these miserable sandwiches. Turn around immediately.
  • Coffee is crap, but what choice do you have?
  • Grossly overpriced, but the only store open past midnight around this gate.
  • Awful, truly awful, food and coffee. Though the grating voice of the woman behind the counter may be useful as an alarm clock.
  • The food here is fairly disgusting.
  • They seriously stuffed a crumpled up tortilla inside a $9 veggie wrap so it would look like it was filled with veggies. It maybe had two peppers and a handful of lettuce. Ugh.
  • My superfruit smoothie was too sweet, but the staff was perfectly friendly (at 5:30am no less) and it wasn't terrible. Maybe it has improved since all the mean tips.
  • Coffee's pretty good!
  • Whatever you do, don't have the latte or cappucino. YUK! The main ingredient to good coffee is a lil' love. And there ain't no love up in this cafe.
  • Bad service and the food taste like shit
  • Ordered a cappuccino, got a mediocre latte. Would not recommend.
  • Disappointing coffee. :(
  • Try the ham egg and cheese for breakfast.
  • Forget Perry's and their stupid long waiting line. Come here and grab a mega sandwich for 8 bucks. Ask them to heat it. Yum!
  • Don't eat here. Don't. It's not worth it. I'd rather starve instead.
  • Plain, old, regular coffee. Good stuff.
  • Hot turkey on ciabatta, do it

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