Great American Bagel Bakery

$ $
North Satellite (SEA Airport)
Seattle, WA 98188



  • The service is intimidating. Like the soup nazi! Crazy woman behind the counter!
  • 10-grain was OK (no more) toasted but the "crazy woman behind the counter" screams & shouts too much, even at 5:30 AM. If I'd wanted screaming & shouting with a mediocre bagel I'd have stayed at home!
  • The guy making my sandwich looked like he wanted to stab me.
  • Utterly the worst egg and cheese bagel I have ever seen.
  • My mornings are always more entertaining watching Naoko, the aforementioned "crazy Asian lady," interact with groggy travelers. When the line is at the restaurant signs, only a 10-12 minute wait.
  • This place is nasty. Don't eat here.
  • Did someone in this line just ask, "what's an everything bagel?"
  • Super slow line.
  • Painfully slow...go elsewhere
  • When you spend $13 on a bagel you expect decent service or decent food. This place laughs at my expectations.
  • Jalapeo tomazzo with cream cheese is superb!!
  • This place fucking sucks. Don't get the pepperoni bagel. It's super expensive and there will literally be one slice of pepperoni.
  • This was a pretty bad bagel
  • The proprietress (you'll know her) prefers to slide your bag down the 2ft plexiglass countertop like she's a master barkeep. Don't just reach for the bag. That's a mistake.
  • worst bagel I've ever had. ordered sausage, egg, and cheese, but I can't tell what kind of meat I'm eating.
  • If you want somebody that hates their job go here terrible customer service me and my friend both
  • Got ham egg and cheese bagel and they forgot the ham....
  • Mmmmmm BLT
  • Tell them to double toast the bagel or they just warm it.
  • Crappy bagels!!!

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