Gran Caffe Chioggia

San Marco, 8 (Palazzo Ducale)
Venezia, Veneto 30124
+39 041 528 5011


  • Exorbitant prices, but you pay for resting indefinitely and people watching. Great ambient music too.
  • 3 beer, 1 ice cream, 1 aquatta, 1 hot dog, small pizza... 90...
  • 8,90 el espresso...
  • Drinks and food here are more expensive but u do get a very good view, and with the background music they play live it is just worthwhile to sit down for a while - afterall u come to Venice not often
  • Jazz on Monday and Tuesday
  • Los helados !!!!
  • Great location at San Marco square, live soft music, great view, quite expensive
  • Garsonlar ar derecede kaba! Bir kahveye 9 EUR verdik kendimize geldik. Venediin yz karas bir yer.
  • Konum olarak bence San Marco daki en iyi yerde. Cappucinosu talya'da itiim en baarl cappucino diyebilirim. Fiyatlar pahal ama Venedik zaten pahal bir yer.Byle bir mekanda ucuzluk beklemeyin.
  • ,
  • Fiyatlar ok pahal
  • Truly expensive. Great view!!! Jazz night!!!
  • Very rude staff.
  • Staff are nasty. They shout at you when you try to use the WC although you have a table....
  • Good tiramisu.

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