Gomez Salsa

1126 Walnut St (12th)
Cincinnati, OH 45202


  • Get the turtle combo. You won't regret it.
  • Get the turtle!
  • Turtle. Chicken. Kowabunga.
  • Pro tip: Just ask and they will deliver it next door at Halfcut while you grab a drink.
  • Turtle with kawabunga salsa
  • The Turtle. Always the Turtle.
  • Turtle Gomez w/ Carnitas
  • The carnitas is QUITE good. The chicken is pretty average.
  • This was a great find. No interior (youre eating on the street or in your car) and a little spendy but quality stuff. The turtle is basically a bulky crunchwrap supreme except it actually has flavor.
  • Great in a pinch! Quick food at the window. Take it to Halfcut and play a board game
  • Turtle! Turtle! TURTLE!
  • Brunch on Sunday mornings! Order a turtle and have them bring it to halfcut.
  • like a chipotle or moes, but better! burrito bowl or turtle' you can't go wrong. fresh ingredients, nice staff. just call ahead or be prepared to wait a while... when it's this good, people come!
  • You want a turtle. Like a Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme but approx 10000000x better.
  • Get the fish turtle.
  • The food is good.
  • The Turtle is amazzzzing and the bowl is great! I am excited to try the tacos and chips next time!
  • They've got a few first - week kinks, but I liked the food
  • It was FABULOUS!!!:
  • Turtle is to die for

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