Golfo De Fonseca

Mexican, Latin American
808 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 660-2812



  • Wednesday Special 99 cent pupusas!
  • Life Without Salvadorean-Food Is Like No Life At All!
  • The Golfo De Fonseca $.99 Cents Pupusas Special On Wednesday's Are The Best!
  • Stellar pupusas, just be patient!
  • This is not a Mexican restaurant. It is Salvadorian... The best pupusas I have ever had. Really the best!
  • Salvadorean Food Will Change Your Life!
  • They only accept Debit if you have $5 cash really inconvenient cause most college students don't carry cash.
  • The food was delicious, and the service was good!
  • The Best Salvadorean Breakfast In Town!
  • The Best Salvadorean Food In Town!
  • The building is full of roaches. So gross!
  • Agreed. The pupusas are bomb. I like the pork & cheese. $2 fills you up.
  • Eat a bean & cheese & a pork & cheese pupusa on 99 cent pupusa Wednesdays.
  • Go to Golfo De Fonseca on Wednesdays. Order a 99 cent pupusa which is the Wednesday special. I recommend bean & cheese and pork and cheese. 2 pupusas & coke $3. Tip well.