Golden Mile (Beach Road) Food Centre

Food Court, Restaurant
505 Beach Rd
Singapore, 199583


  • 91 fried kway teow is pretty awesome, the western stall at 01-82 serves up a mean mushroom soup.
  • Haji Kadir foods is damn SEDAP!!!
  • chicken rice at stall B1-35.. is fantastic!
  • Dun forget to try the gigantic cup sugarcane drink at stall B1-48
  • Mutton chop-uh!
  • The char kway teow with lots of vegetables is awesome!
  • The beefhorfun here is famous. Go try if ur here.
  • Must try Hainnese Hokkien fried noodle here, uniquely different from usual places - drier version thumbs up !
  • 91 Fried Kway Teow Mee at #01-191 is a MUST TRY. Although it's fried stuff, there's no oily after-taste, lots of vege are given, n there's no pork and no lard. Enjoy your guilt-free kway teow today!
  • The Prawn or aka Chilli Noodle store at Level 1-59 is nice. It comes with $3 or $4 bowl size. Definitely worth the try when u are eating here. But be prepared for a long queue.
  • The Chilli Mee at store 01-59 are awesome!
  • This food centre has been mistakenly thought to be Beach Road Food Centre as the Beach Road ARMY market is located above Golden Mile Food Centre.
  • On a hot and humid day, the Zhao An Granny grass jelly is worth a try
  • Add veges to your Char Kway Teow for a healthier choice! It really tastes better with all the veges together with the dish.
  • Fried prawn noodles: Hainan Fried Prawn Noodles #B1-34. Watching d cook meticulously & passionately frying his noodles is enuf 2 whet ur appetite! Tasty dish w a hard-to-find-these-days wok flavour
  • Toilet is cleaner but must pay 10, and theres a new ATM machine which is more convenient now
  • Never gna order from Kian Hock (beside 01-91 kuayteow stall) again. Asked for normal fried rice but got seafood fried rice instead. Requested for a change cos was allergic, was rejected rudely.
  • Thai experience at 01-110 never fails. Well made, simple, delicious Thai food
  • try the marinated pork strips from Thai Experience flavourful!!

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