Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory 金門餅食公司

Row 1

56 Ross Aly (at Jackson St.)
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 781-3956
Bakery, Restaurant, Desserts
Mon–Sun: 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Wait in line and have an old Chinese person yell at you for giving him money
  • You can watch the cookies get baked in griddles and folded around fortunes, some regular and some risqu. Bags of 40 cookies are only $3. - Green Guide Editor
  • You take picture, pay 50 cents!
  • enjoy the samples while you wait for your bag of fortune cookies
  • Stop by to see how the cookies are made -- it only takes a second!
  • The Japanese Hagiwara family invented "Chinese" fortune cookies at Golden Gate Park's Tea Garden. In Chinatown's Ross Alley you can watch them being churned out at the fortune cookie factory!
  • This place is too cool! Don't miss it! Pictures are now 50 cents, tho.
  • $.50 for a photo and be quick because an old Chinese man will yell at you. Also don't bother asking questions because nobody speaks English.
  • Hmmmm the old Chinese grandpa will seriously charge you 50 cents for pictures... but he gives you all the free cookies you want!
  • Print or hand-write your own fortune to bring to this small shop down Ross Alley and they will put it in a fortune cookie for you. Bring some change - pictures are 25 cents.
  • A tiny little place that works non stop for your own little fortune :) they speak no English but it's funny having a "conversation" with them. Oh photography costs 0.50$ :p
  • Most amazing, always fresh fortune cookies. The owners always add extra samplers with the pack. Buying from the factory gets you the best price too.
  • Free fortune cookie samples, but pay 50 cents to take a photo inside ;) check out the adult fortune cookies for $5 for some extra fun.
  • Creepy & smelly alley to get there... but worth it! Very cool!
  • Ever wonder where all those fortune cookies come from? Heres your answer.
  • Try the flat fortune cookies - Must have, don't miss. Great experience and the taste...
  • Eat a HOT fortune cookie!
  • No pictures inside. Free samples!
  • Very small inside. Grab your purchases on the left and get free samples on the right
  • Deep in Chinatown. !!!!!