Gold Coast Dogs

Hot Dogs
Concourse B (at MDW Airport)
Chicago, IL 60638
(773) 735-6789



  • Gold Coast Dogs splits the ends of their hot dogs before char-grilling them to crispy perfection, giving a unique blooming flower-petal look to their otherwise classic Chicago style dog.
  • While a steam-simmered (not boiled) hot dog is preferred among connoisseurs of the Chicago-style dog, grilling is also an acceptable cooking method.
  • A good last minute Chicago style dog before you head home...
  • Ew, the hot dogs were so bad we couldn't finish them and the people were so rude!
  • Looking for an authentic Chicago hot dog? You just found it. Don't worry about the whole "no ketchup on a hot dog" rule, but know you may get a few harsh stares from some folks.
  • Jumbo char dog ftw!
  • Not the best hot dog...fries were bad as well
  • Worst "Chicago Style" dogs in Chicago. If the only Chicago dog you had while in town is this one, you really cheated yourself.
  • Bagels r so-so
  • Don't forget that they serve breakfast too. Their bagel sandwiches are really good, especially the Sausage, Egg and Cheese.
  • A suitable proxy for satisfying that Chicago style dog craving. Not quite as well executed as all the staples (Portillos, Doug's). Don't bother with the Italian Beef. Not worth anyone's time.
  • Skip this place
  • I wouldn't dare ask for ketchup, I don't care where you're from or how you like it
  • Get the jumbo char dog deal - just make sure the fries are cooked. They tend to be in a hurry here. The dog was delicious.
  • Food is really good here. I always stop when I am passing through Chicago.
  • Char dogs.....yum
  • Char Dog Great! Service Sucked.
  • Good char dog!
  • Double Italian sausage with mustard and peppers is amazing.
  • One of the only options early morning besides breakfast sandwiches everywhere

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